I have had the pleasure to serve the customers in the following areas:

Oak Park

The owner of this company ran into some software issues on his laptop. We were able to help him get his software correctly installed.

Eagles Hockey Club - Orland Park

We created a website for the Eagles Hockey club that allowed them to control the content, update the calendar, keep player stats, make live game updates, and a payment option for their club members.

Fluery Machines - Alsip

The folks at Fluery felt that it was time to update their computers and office network. We were able to recommend and install a new desktop and printer, wireless networking, and Quickbooks software.

Heritage Club - Tinley Park

We worked in many of the homes in Heritage Club; painting, kitchen tiling, adding light fixtures, house fans, cable television, computers, sealing garage floors, move in help, and more!

Karen Springs - Lockport

We did some electrical work adding lights behind ceiling crown molding, installed a water softener, installed a backup sump pump, built a door in a hallway for some of the residents in Karen Springs.

Palos Heights

This client was moving into a new office and had us run telephone lines for the fax, add a doorbell, hang pictures and other move in items.

Lago Vista - Lockport

We've been in many of the homes in Lago Vista. We've done everything from computers to plumbing to painting to electrical to carpentry to you name it!

MGR Development Co. - Chicago

MGR had us come in periodically and update their office software and hardware to ensure they had the most recent updates. They also called us in to add new software.

Orland Park

Most recently, we added hard disk encryption to their computers. This would ensure that even if the computers were stolen, no data would be able to be compromised by the thief.

Somerset Townhomes - Orland Park

We've done home repair, attic build-outs, home entertainment installations, sump pump replacements, painting, garage floor sealing, computer services, power washing, and consulting.

Vikings Youth Hockey Club - Orland Park

We built and managed the club's website and ice slots. Each of the seventeen managers was able to log in and update their team's individual page, calendar and game information.