We offer the following Services:


We can service all aspects of computers and we're happy to train as well. From home computers to business servers, we can help you out.

Home Repair

We excel at providing quick and efficient solutions to all your home repair needs. Over the years, we've seen a lot of small repairs that went unheeded and became big repairs. Give us a call when you first notice the problem and we can save you time and frustration.

Home Entertainment

For some, the television is the favorite source of entertainment. Let us help you put together the perfect system for your needs. Or let us re-route and hide cables or install satellite systems.


Installing in hard to reach areas seems to be the norm for us, but we're glad for the challenge. Call us for new outlets or fixtures, or even outdoor lights.


We've installed hardwood floors, closet organizers, trim, cabinets and countertops, framed basements, built decks, and refinished stairways.


New service or old, we can help you out.

Garage Floor Sealing

Rust-Oleum EPOXYShield Garage Floor Coating creates showroom-quality surfaces. Protects against gasoline, antifreeze, motor oil, salt and hot tire pick-up.